Loan Repayment Bug

So, I’ve been making early & frequent payments on my loan. I had made two full payments before my first statement ever came, and then have made two full payments since then, but it’s stating that I’m past due the amount of two full payments, which couldn’t even be the case, since I’ve only had one payment come due.

EDIT: Actually, the statement says it’s not even due until 1-14 RT, so it can’t be past due at all. I’ll take a screen shot.

EDIT : but it doesn’t make sense that the statement amount wouldn’t be due until 1-14 because my next payment due (above that) says it’ll be due 12-18. IDK, it’s all very confusing, because nothing adds up right.

The numbers in parenthesis are a negative number, and in relation to “past due” indicate an over payment as you reported doing.

Well, don’t I feel silly! Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. I told my husband, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the game had someone in my finance dept messing with the books to teach me to always double-check them”, lmao which is an idea I kinda wanna send to feature requests now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Lol, all good. We are glad to help. Enjoy the game.