Leaderboard oddities

There’s a couple of bugs in the leader boards. Clearly not affecting gameplay…
Metal Access is the top total profit but has not appearing in the average profit per company since this reset. Possibly related to the change from Fireyscorp to Metal Access.

The social responsibility leader list seems to be chronological - not sorted by total donations or anything else… Seem an odd way to decide a leader board.

We will look into this. Thanks for posting.

This is displayed using the total percentage in each game yer, not all time.

Leader Boards still not updating since Jan 11th…

Thank you for pointing this out. It has been corrected.

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Now would someone like to explain why I do not appear in any leader board for Beta 9 ???

I think you are playing with a NEW account so the system would not know how to link your new account ID to the old ID.

I don’t think I am, although there may be some confusion with my username being different to my holding company name… That should not explain why I was on the leaderboards right through until the reset and I presume a previous round leader board should be a frozen point in time - including players that are no longer playing. If it was OK on Jan 19th then it should be now too.
The Beta 9 leaderboard is now totally messed up and some hybrid of the current round - maybe a day behind…

Sadly, the beta 9 leaderboards ran one more day than they should have, thus overwriting the results. and making them invalid for review. Sorry for the inconvenience.