Just an idea - Real Profit to players

This is just an idea, and probably very stupid, but hypothetically this is how it would go:

You add a lot more businesses (products) so you get much more players. I am sure you would get it as this is really excellent game from many perspectives. Without new businesses (products) there is not much chance to grow imho. With more players and more businesses, stock market would be also be booming so that would be addition to more businesses.

Fun starts if you manage to get a lot more players, and start selling advertising for RL companies instead for ours (if for example 10,000 players would to play, you would not get much chance for advertising in world business anyhow, and even less if 1 million players start to play - its only so much time in a day, 24 advertising spots so it doesnt make sense to be for inworld players).

Then you split the profit from RL advertising with players! Thats the thrill! Play online money game and if you are profitable you get RL money too.

We live in crypto currency era and payouts like that are very much possible without much hassle. It can all be automated especially if you were to take advertising income in crypto too, but even without it you coud do payouts.

This is not a standard feature, but it is quite possible that if you were able to earn RL money from playing a free game that it would be a game booster.

Food for thoughts.

Edit: It would also be a prime example of sharing economy.

It’s a noble thought but realistically you will get economics and accounting students here but not the millions that go for the mega games. Development here is slow moving and there would have to be a lot more facets to the game to get and then keep the sort of numbers you talk about.

I have no problem with the concept - just lots of steps to go before we get close to it.

Thanks for the discussion guys. Here are some thoughts:

  • The advertising is actually set up for us to sell spots to real world advertisers. The real world ads will cycle with the player ads (for example, player ad will show for a few minutes, then the other ad, then back to the player ad). You will see this after the next reset with some of our own ads.

  • Sharing money with players is a neat idea and something we would like to explore in the future … but we have to be careful because when you allow players to make money, you get into legal issues that are related to gambling. Gambling is very regulated.

  • We do hope and expect to get a lot more players in the future and that will really open things up for everyone.

  • We have been designing the game to be fun for all types of players. It was never our intention to only attract economics and accounting people. In fact, I’m sure that very few of our players have any background in those areas. Our target is anyone who wants to gain business skills.