Issues with buying/selling products through direct sale


I have made a direct sale with another player and there are ongoing issues with the payments and shipments of the products.

The player has supposedly accepted an invoice for the products (it says they have paid), but I have not received any of the g money and I cannot ship my products to them, an error message pops up saying the BUYER cannot cover the taxes or shipping costs even though there are no taxes and they have assured me they have enough g money to cover shipping costs (even though the seller should be paying for shipping and I had enough to cover shipping).

This issue is urgent as I need to receive this payment and ship these products ASAP.

I would appreciate a speedy response to resolve these issues.

Thank you.

Hey you can always come to LEgal affairs if you feel like there is a defaulter who has not paid the invoice, we are always there to help you :slight_smile: