Invoice Payment Acceptance

I noticed that my Liabilities in my retail business is high. Invoices i have paid are not clearing from my liabilities. Some invoices i have paid are marked ‘accepted’. How do i clear the liability, i clearly have paid the invoices.

@Allison_Group, This is an issue that has been discussed here…

This post from one of our Dev Team members will shed some light on this and you will know you are not the only one experiencing this. Thank you for your post.

I like the improvements in the order management and display system!

There could be one last tidy up to do. If an open market purchase is cancelled due to non delivery, if it was previously manually paid - that money gets refunded. If it was not previously manually paid, the amount remains on the invoice list as unpaid and open for the original amount.

It should either be removed or marked as paid 0 which is the new amount due,

Yup, we spotted that yesterday and it will be in the next round of updates.