I have only 7 cars in inventory of my shop but when i buy cars i get “inventory_shortfall”. I get it with all the cars i want to buy…whats happening? Is it a bugg?

This is not a bug, but a guard that will protect buyers. Someone could have purchased the cars as you were trying to. But to be sure we would need to now the listings you tried to buy, then we can ckeck them against the sellers information.

Oh yeah I was seeing this as well, there are a dozen orders on the open market for automobiles that have been giving this error for the past few days, if its hard to test which ones I can go through and get a list.

It happen when i buy cars from JJVD Scoop. And when a choose a other seller with the same number there is no problem. Its maybe not to blame that company,but its strange or maybe an idea to remove it from the list instant when purchased by someone.

It happen when i try buying from Canada…strange!