Increasing Quality of vehicles

How can I increase the quality of vehicles. It shows mfg quality and R&D Features of 48. I have selected all the 5 stations for both in manufacturing. How do I further increase the quality. Also the first day it was 108 and then the next day it was back to 48.

We have restructure the measurement to a % rather than an overall number. So the 108 one day is equivalent to the 48% which you now see. We are still doing some work on these numbers and should have a clear representation of quality and features showing on the open market soon.

I note that when you play the manufacturing mini game, the R&D number of your overall stock goes down dramatically - not only for stock on hand but it affects the stock in the market as well. Is that intentional?? (Also the cars produced do not come off your production order…)

This isn’t an issue now as it doesn’t seem to change saleability in any way, but obviously will in non beta game.

Those sound like bugs. I will post them now.