I opened a new business and it is not showing up

Recently I opened a pharma retailer but it is not showing up in my manage businesses menu. What should I do

It appears your retail business was not started. We will investigate this further.

We have credited the holding company for the business. You can try starting the business again, if you like.

Thank you @GoVenture

I attempted to open a retailer, although it says that I already own 2 businesses.

Thank you for reporting this, we have addressed this issue.

Hello, I tried again to open a pharma retailer in France but it is still not showing up under “Manage Business”

We are looking in to this issue now. Stand by.

Could you provide the name of the business you are creating and it’s location, please?

Ok, the business is called Zenix Pharmacies, located in France

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Your business is there now. image

Perfect, thank you @GVW_Admin

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