Ghost openmarket settings

When i bought a MFG from another player it seems, it has a ghost storage on open market, first i thought it was a random player imitating myself and put a auction up, it seems it is an early open market setting?and seen now as a ghost or so?
If it is so i should take it of, but it is not accessible, from my Callaars Pharma division company

I can not change name either, from both my Pharma companies. (read last time it was a problem @Cleveland_Industries
It is quite annoying, its keeping my rating down to 95/95 while i make 100/100 products.

My MFG is now down till this is fixed, seen 95/95 wont sell that easily.

Fix it please.

Regards Callaars Redline services

did you scrap all inventory in that mfg and start from 0 again? that could solve the problem. otherwise if it doesnt and you are for sure producing 100/100 yeah you’ll need dev help for this one. as for the name change i havent tried changing a company name in a while to fix minor cosmetic mistakes but ill try right now and see what happens and edit this with my findings

edit: yeah name change isnt saving when you click save and then refresh the page. its the same problem we had when trying to relocate businesses

Of course, the whole inventory is on openmarket atm, but there is still a batch on open market whats not mine, like is said… ghost auction. Developers need to check it…

So did u check? Can u just get rid of the auction what’s not reachable from my part?

Developers? can u just cancel that order? so i can continue my business?

|Callaars Pharma Division|37%|95%

g120 g15,000,000

I never placed these… would never ask that much kinda money and they are out of my reach of cancelling this… could this be a fraud?

its seems they are from my company. i can not touch them reach them… never put them on the worldmarket for 120 per piece, or someone is playing with your admin rights. and using my account for it.

Because i can not reach those auctions in the open market.

FIX IT PLEASE, its ruining my joy of this game. each day of this, i am loosing positions.