Gameplay Question - Time to Reopen Business?

Hey fellow players, I’m gathering there is some sort of timer after you close a business to reopen?
I’m trying to do so.

It must be a timer, or something similar, because I’ve tried on 3 browsers and 2 different operating systems.

Thanks in advance fellow players for the advice!

@VEH_Lim, there is no such timer in the game related to what you are mentioning here. We are looking into this now.

If that is the case, here are the browsers to assist (all are running current update):
Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera

Here are the systems of origin:
Windows 10, Android Lollipop, iOS

No rush whatsoever, if you are manually able on your end to open the business I fully endorse that. Otherwise it is not a game ending issue, and this beta fully disclosed there would be issues/I’m unworried about it.

Thank you gentlemen.

If you visit the Business Operations page from Manage Business page, you should see a button to “Reopen for …” with the amount needed to reopen.

Appreciate it srolls, we’ve had some bugs but they’re working through them for beta