FULL RESET #5 on MAY 22, 2018

Fellow GoVenture entrepreneurs, the next game reset will happen on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 around 10AM Eastern Time (2PM UTC). This means that all business and game data will be deleted. All companies, sales, inventory, bxp, … everything will be gone (except your LOGINS and other items noted below).

As soon as the RESET happens, we will all have the opportunity to start fresh. Starting fresh is an exciting time for most players.

Your login will still work! This is unlike previous RESETS where you had to create a new login. From now on, your same login (username and password) will continue to work.

When you login after the RESET, you will enter the TUTORIAL. The tutorial will display the same Holding Company name you used previously, but you can change it in the tutorial. You will also choose a new location for your Holding Company (the previous location is not stored). You cannot skip the tutorial, but you can go through it more quickly if you are already familiar with it … but we recommend that you take it slow and capture as much wisdom as you can.

We do RESETS to clean up our database, speed up the gameplay, and allow players to experience the fun and competitive startup process. Resets may happen every 3 or 4 months, but there is no firm schedule at this time. We have heard from some players who would like a second server option that does not get reset and we are not yet sure if we will be able to offer this or not, but it is being considered for the future.

As promised, we have also captured your historical bXP and PROFIT (for the Dec 2017 to May 2018 game) and will make this visible in the coming weeks. Players with past bXP will still need to accumulate new bXP to unlock features (so that the game remains fair), but those who have been playing the game for a long time will be recognized for their skill and loyalty.

After the upcoming RESET, you will notice some changes:

(1) The costs for Trademarks, Ad Spots, Manufacturing Stations, R&D stations, Staff, and Signage will be higher. We are doing this to encourage a wider variety of products and to reduce excessive profitability.

(2) The bXP required to open multiple businesses will be reduced by about half. This is intended to reduce bXP grinding (we want our gameplay to focus on fun and growth, not grinding). To clarify, the amount of bXP needed to open a specific type of business will not change. It is the amount of bXP needed to be allowed to operate multiple businesses that is being reduced.

(3) The amount of g money needed to launch a new business will be higher (this is the money players pay to launch a new business (to clarify, this is not real money, it’s g money - the game is still fully free to play). We increased the startup costs because we reduced the bXP requirements.

(4) We added and are adding some new Global Leaderboards (most important is Profit).

(5) Global GDP (Market Demand) will increase each time a Manufacturing business is started. Previously, Global GDP only increased when a Retail business was started. Manufacturing businesses will now also increase Global GDP, but not as much as Retail businesses.

(6) We are no longer going to actively monitor the use of multiple accounts. This requires too much of our time that is better spent on improving the game (but we will take action on anyone acting unreasonably). Click here for full details about this.

Once the RESET is done, we will be focused on adding a SMARTPHONE business and a SHIPPING business, and improving the TUTORIAL. We are also building a DASHBOARD for instructors to use to track their students playing GoVenture World.

We also have hundreds of other improvements we plan to make, so if your preferred upgrade is not listed, please know that we did not forget about it.

If you have questions or comments about this, please post them below. Thanks for playing!

I like the idea with a server where resets would not happen all of the time, or if they need to happen for bxp to stay with players so they dont need to go through all of the courses etc again.