Feature upgrades TUE-JAN 29-2019

Fellow GoVenture Entrepreneurs,

Today, we are launching two new features and two changes …

  1. New business type - Space Drones for top performers
  2. Market Size Change
  3. CEO Training Tutorial is now split into two parts
  4. New Groups Feature

Note that this is NOT a RESET.

The game will be down for maintenance for an hour or so around 4PM UTC on Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

1) SPACE DRONES is a new business type and includes Manufacturing and Retail options.

Space Drones works similar to Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, and Smartphones but is VERY expensive to start and operate. The upside is the ability to make BIG profits.

We created this new business type for players who amass a large amount of money and want to make a big investment and be recognized as elite status.

Startup cost is g50 million and we recommend having at least another g50 million in working capital (total g100 million cash or more to consider starting this business). bXP requirement is 14,000.

We are launching this business now so that players can try it out before our next RESET.

(2) Market Size

The market size and demand is going to be lowered for all industries in all countries. A few months ago we increased the market size. The increase improved gameplay, but we think it may have increased too much due to some design issues that we recently discovered. You may or may not experience any difference in your sales, as it depends on a number of factors. We will be making further adjustments in the next RESET.

(3) The CEO Training Tutorial has been split into two parts.

The first part appears when you first create an account, like it always has, and explains the basics of the game while you create a Holding Company. Then it ends and launches you into the game.

While in the game, you can explore the interface, do challenges and courses, research business and market information, buy and sell stocks and bonds, and more. But, you have not yet started an Operating Business. When you are ready to do so, you will go through the second part of the CEO Training Tutorial, which explains more about the game and guides you to start your first Operating Business.

We made this change to reduce the friction of having a long startup tutorial. We want to get you into the game as soon as possible, but still provide the basic game information before you arrive. This approach also allows you to do more research and understand the game before having to start your first Operating Business.

(4) GROUPS is a new feature that makes it easy to monitor the progress and performance of a group of people playing GoVenture World.

This feature is useful for teachers and trainers who want to monitor their students playing GoVenture World, or among friends who want to compare their performance results against each other.

Monitoring and comparing the performance of individual players in GoVenture World is possible without using the Groups feature, but doing so can be very time consuming to find all the data on different reports and cluttered with the results of potentially thousands of other players. The Groups feature provides all key data in one place and filters out all players that are not members of the Group.

The Groups feature does not change the GoVenture World gameplay in any way. Players continue to compete and collaborate with others around the world. The Groups feature only makes it easy to monitor the progress and results of specific players that you choose.

The Groups feature is currently FREE but will eventually cost $9 per player for a 1-year subscription.

Find out more about Groups in the User Guide Section 21

More adjustments will be coming in the next RESET. We will detail those later when we determine the RESET date.

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All sounds very positive!

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