Feature Updates February 7, 2018

Here are the upgrades made FEB 7, 2018:

(1) Prize Competition LEADERBOARD is now accessible on the ACHIEVEMENTS page.

(2) Stock Market is now live again.

(3) All Holding Companies will now appear on the STOCK MARKET when they reach 3,000 BXP. To clarify, the company STOCK PRICE will be listed, but this does not mean the company has shares for sale. A company can only have shares for sale if the company does a stock issue (using same method as before). New players will identify their STOCK SYMBOL during the TUTORIAL. Existing players will be prompted to choose a STOCK SYMBOL when they reach 3,000 BXP. We added this feature to enable all players to experience the STOCK MARKET even if they do not do a new STOCK ISSUE. Thanks to player Firesys for recommending this feature!

(4) INVESTMENT BANKS now have an ACTION ITEMS tab with displays all Stocks, Bonds, and Loans that need to be issued. BANKS can now also DELETE a request after approving it but before issuing it (ie, if they change their mind part way through, they can cancel the deal).