When you send a email, you pick who to send to. It is a drop down list and hard to get it to show the type spot to type the reciepent.

Are you seeing it this way?

I see the place where to add the email. But it shows as a drop down list. It drops down this empty list. It won’t let me do what I see in your picture. I can’t get it to click. I think this is a bug

Are you using in-private browsing? That will cause issues.

Normal window. No private window.
Tiered mobile and desktop

Are you using Chrome for a browser?

And have you tried clearing the cache and doing a hard refresh?

I am using chromimum

We are having a difficult time recreating this issue using Edge.

Okay, also in edge. The smartphone can’t be seen. I have to zoom out. Chorme seems to be okay. Please optimize this game for all browesrs

Chrome is the recommended browser at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, edge is built on chrome though.

Yes, that is correct. Based on Chrome.


SO should it be optimized?

I find that doing retail is really confusing. I can’t tell what is going on. I can;t tell if people are buying or not. There is no what if calcualtor. I am losing really bad. I need advise