Earn Profit. Win Prizes!

We’re hosting a GoVenture World PRIZE COMPETITION where you can win Amazon gift certificates by earning the most profit during the competition period.

The competition runs for 4 weeks (RT) starting on
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 12:01AM UTC and ending on
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 11:59PM UTC

This represents approximately 1 year in GoVenture Time (GT).

The following three prizes will be awarded to the players (Holding Companies) with the highest average profit per business (prior to income tax payment) earned during the competition period:

1st Place - $100 Amazon gift certificate
2nd Place - $75 Amazon gift certificate
3rd Place - $50 Amazon gift certificate

The following two prizes will be randomly awarded to players (Holding Companies) in the top 50 list of the highest average profit per business (must be greater than g0 to be eligible):

Random Selection 1 - $25 Amazon gift certificate
Randomly Selection 2 - $25 Amazon gift certificate


  1. A LEADERBOARD will soon be available to allow players to monitor their positions.

  2. Average Profit Per Business =
    Total Profit Earned During the Competition Period
    divided by
    Total Number of Businesses Owned.
    Income tax accrued during the Competition Period will not be included in the calculation.

  3. The contest uses Average Profit Per Business in order to provide a more level playing field for new players versus experienced players who may have already amassed significant cash resources. We acknowledge that experienced players will likely still have an advantage in a number of ways, but we consider that to be a benefit earned by early adopters.

  4. The profit considered for the contest must be earned (cash received) during the Competition Period. Profit earned before or after the Competition Period is not included.

  5. Players must not SELL a business during the Competition Period, otherwise they will be disqualified. (Selling a business could artificially increase the Average Profit Per Business.)

  6. Anyone playing GoVenture World will automatically be eligible for the contest. If a winner chooses to opt out of the contest, another winner will be chosen.

  7. Players that do not adhere to the GoVenture World Terms of Use will be disqualified from the competition.

  8. Winners will be contacted in game and by email and must respond within 7 days RT to claim their prizes, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

  9. Winners may choose which Amazon store they would like the gift certificate from.

  10. Dollar amounts are in US Dollars.

  11. The prizes have no cash value and cannot be exchanged.

  12. This contest is not affiliated with or sponsored by Amazon.

  13. Employees of the MediaSpark group of companies are not eligible to win.


it’s 11 days now and still no leader board? not that I think I’m winning but it would be nice to have a clue. even a message to all to give current top 10 or whatever would be something.

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Prize Contest Leaderboard is now live on the ACHIEVEMENTS page.

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There are some problems with the current display of leaders apart from the fact that the display hasn’t updated since first published a few days ago.

  1. It penalises growth as in if you start a new operating business toward the end of the competition, your average will go down.
  2. The current leader board does not show profit earned during the competition, but the current total average profit per business since the round started. Do we have an equity position / profit per business snap shot from the start of the comp, so that we can deduct that from the current position??

To test my assertion it should be simple enough to look at any of the current top 10, but a great example would be ZDC who was the early leader of the round, but has been much quieter over recent weeks. He is listed as 58.6 million and he has 4 operating business. Most of that was amassed before the completion started and his current equity is 248m or 62m per business. Allowing for the bonds he owns and a few days since last update, that’s his total current position.

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(1) Yeah, we wanted to quickly try this contest idea without redirecting too much dev time, so the criteria we are using is not perfect. We will reevaluate after this first contest.

(2) We will look into this, thanks!

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@Fireyscorp, thanks to you, this has been identified and corrected! Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

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Congratulations to our 5 WINNERS! Please email team@GoVentureWorld.com to confirm the email address you want us to use for your Amazon.com Gift Certificate (if you are better served by a different Amazon website, let us know that too).

  • CALLAARS - 1st Place
  • FIREYSCORP - 2nd Place
  • GLOBAL INC - 3rd Place
  • PAPAMOBILE - Random Winner
  • RUBEN AND S O - Random Winner

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