Disappointing Results


I thought as the first Government case it would be taken seriously but I’m seeing no effort whatsoever. Of course that doesn’t mean there is none, but why is there a need to question it?? There shouldn’t be, your the Government. Whether corrupt or not, your responsible for keeping the game great for anyone. The audience drifts away with the excitement wherever it goes. Competition brings excitement. Good players bring competition, its so simple to understand.


How come when it cane to fining me more than a 100 million dollars you were quick to act and fine me. But not when it comes to a lawsuit.


Hi Guys … The only reason current lawsuits are delayed is because the backend functionality is not completed. We are small team with hundreds of development tasks, so it’s always a challenge to prioritize.

The reason JOBSONS lawsuit was done outside of the above is because JOBSONS actions were compromising the gameplay in the world and so immediate action was necessary to maintain fairness for everyone.

BYFIELD: We are not sure what Government case you are referring to.


My trademark is acknowledged by the GOventure goverment today, So they are making progress!
Because of it not working, i kinda sued a law firm for offering me a trademark while they could not acknowledge one, not fair for the lawfirm but because of this…they made work of this trademark!

Sorry Easyrhino for taking up to u (while u could not defend yourself and u just did what a law firm would do…)

But it seems trademarks work now.

So greatly thanks to the developers of this game!


Mr. CEO, since you guys have to deal with development issues, etc, I think you should create a system where the players can assist the Government and become officials of the Government. We could help with the less important responsibilities while the developers continue to develop. You could establish regulations to be followed by Gov. officials and different ranks, etc. Just a thought.


Thanks Byfield … that’s an interesting offer. Right now the government role is not a lot of work, but once we have more players and more government-related activity, your idea sounds really cool. We could even create some type of player voting system, like voting for elected officials.


That is an awesome feature @Byfield_Enterprises1 , reminds me of other different games.
Crazy dynamics can be created cause of this.
U got my vote there!