Creat ad and mail campaign

I just wanted to check for something concerning the marketing
I have hired and agency for an ad and mail campaign, so shouldnt i have the ad and show it to me before it is shown so i accept it and also for the mail campaign i should receive in case i need anything to be changed.
One more thing that i didnt see the ad cause it was super late concerning my time.
I thought this gave is to present kind of real world and this is how things work.

We agree with you. However, did you request to see and approve drafts?

When they contacted me to pay the remaining amount i asked them for it but they didn’t answer and they said they have put it online and concerning the direct email they have sent me one that i would be able to write a better without paying for an agency.
It was really bad experience and the problem it was supposed to be a 2 weeks ad campaign they only put it 3 times and thats it.

A unfortunate experience. Buyer beware story for sure.

Having a bad experience when doing business in GoVenture World is part of the experience we have designed into the game.

This game is designed to help you experience business in the most authentic way possible.

Negative experiences like the one you describe are very valuable learning experiences because those things happen in the real world of business.

And, because it is a simulation game, there is no risk and no loss of real money. It’s an amazing learning experience that you may remember the rest of your life to help you be successful in the real world.

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What you are saying is completely true and having such experience is normal to have in a real world but also such act in real world should also encounter some consequences on the company who did a mistake and not continua playing as if nothing had happened.
Anyway i appreciate your response thank you.