Courses - Reading Financial Statements (RESOLVED)

Good morning,

I’ve completed the course, read the materials, taken (and passed) all the quizzes and games - but.
You’ve two bugs, one with the first section (Introduction) and one with the seventh, which process as “not completed.”

I can imagine the impact completing this entire course (prior six sections), the quizzes, the games, etc. - then to not be able to receive credit…that would have upon a customer who say bought this course. Now while this bug was mildly bother some - that, that would be a bad situation.

Not much trouble, sure you all will have it done soon.

@VEH_Lim, Thank you for playing GoVenture World. You may have noticed during the topics within the course that there is a timer that ensures the player gets through the material before the quiz is available. This also affects (unseen) the introduction and the summary at the end of the course. Meaning if you are a fast reader, or just blew through it and clicked the button, no award is given. If you go back to the course and wait for at least 15 seconds (for this course), you will see that the small dot above the “7” will turn green. Then the award will be given once you select the button. Please let us know if this was the case for you.

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Beautiful, everything you said worked like a charm.

I have to say, while I am a speed reader/typer (90 WPM) these courses are valuable.
I could legitimately see them implemented in a classroom or corporate setting, content wise.

Thanks by the way!

@VEH_Lim. We are pleased to hear this was the case. Thank you again for joining in on our game and for your comments.