Company count incorrect

I know this has been an issue so maybe my account can help. I have 8 companies but the window on the create new company says I can have 9 and currently have 7. in the last week I closed 2 business and have created 2 as well as buying 1 I think.

Maybe you can debug the code and check where the count of 7 is coming from?

We will look into this. Thank you for posting.

I’m noticing quite a few companies with well in excess of their bxp limit of companies. It’s not affecting the leader board and it’s helping keep the game active, but I think this area of code needs to be corrected before next reset.

Re-flagging an ongoing bug that should be fixed before any reset. Check all existing active players for what the system count is in the create new business screen against their actual count of businesses.
(I have 12 businesses but it says I have 11 but I’m sure there are greater variations)

Also check the bxp level max business count against actual count. You will find some glaring errors

This should be resolved in this upcoming reset.