Cash cut in drone manufacturing unit

I just started a drone manufacturing unit. I didn’t know about the 60-40 limit and purchased everything in a line. I had 140 million Gs cash in hand and I purchased these quality and feature stations. So, even though I couldn’t purchase the remaining stations due to limit, my cash still got reduced I don’t know why. Please check into it. It’s not a small amount.

Thank you for this report, we are investigating

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We have addressed the issue, and corrected your addons

Yes, I see that now I can open them but isn’t it useless now? My problem was not that I can’t open it, it was that I lost my cash. If I can’t use them due to the 60-40 limit, what is the point of being able to buy them?
I know that my request is a bit odd, but isn’t it possible to return my money and let those four stations unsold? Cause that is what should have happened from the beginning. If I can’t buy them due to the limit, they should have remained unsold and my cash should have remained with me.

We have found the issue and will be making corrections to allow those improvements to be used.

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I don’t know what exactly have you solved GoVenture? My money is not back. And now when I click to open them, nothing happens. No warning, no increase in quality and features. What’s happening?

We sent an in game message to all players who have Space Drone businesses about the change. This is necessary to give players notice of the change that will be made soon, but may not have been made yet. Check that message.