Cash Chart - Add description column


I am quiet new in the game, but I like the principle, and I am sure this game as potential. As a newbie, it is really hard to understand where my money goes.

I discovered the cash chart, which is very good to see the cash flow, but this will be very useful to have a column with a little description of what this expense/revenue is for.

One more think, I am not a huge fan of this tablet UI, it is not very user friendly in my opinion, plus it does not work properly on phone(no way to scroll down)

Thank you for your game, and good luck in your dev

Hey Marshall … thanks for playing!

To see where your money is going, use other reports like PROFIT & LOSS, GENERAL JOURNAL, and GENERAL LEDGER.

Playing on the PHONE is not something we have had a chance to focus on, so it is not great on a phone … and the interface will be too small to read. It’s best to use a computer. Some tablets may be ok too, but we have only focused on computers for now … in the future, we will be able to make the game work better on mobile.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank for your reply,

So I will point out that for me General ledger, and profit & loss chart show nothing (no number, no info) and general journal is a kind of redirection to the website trough the tablet …

Maybe there is something weird with those charts

Darn … we will check it out, thanks for the heads up.

The Profit and Loss Report is working now. The Journal will currently now show last one thousand entries, we will be addressing this.