Buying a Pharmaceutical Business

So I have enough money to purchase a business however when I try to buy it says “ You may not have enough bXP and/or cash to purchase another business at this time.” What does that mean and how do I fix it? My stats are:
Rich 100
1,235 bXP
1,235 Lifetime bXP

Starting a new business requires bXP (business experience points) and cash. You can see how much is required when you choose a business to open.

There is also a bXP limit on how many businesses you can open at the same time. Your bXP is very low, so you may not be able to start more businesses until you have more bXP.

Hi so I just got to 2k BXP and leveled up to supervisor and when I click start a new buisness it gives me the slideshow thing from the beginning and then takes my back to the boardroom. Is there a different button I am supposed to click?

There are multiple tutorials in the game. Which tutorial exactly are you seeing?

And is your new business appearing under MANAGE BUSINESS?

@GoVenture When I click the “Start New Business” button it takes my to the business types and activities portion of the slideshow. Then i see the How to play video. There is no area to create a new business.

It appears you may have tripped a bug we are investigating.

Ok thanks for looking into it!

Looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks!