Business Reopen

Hi- I purchased 4 businesses- 2 phone retail stores and 2 automotive retail stores- at the time, I only had 4000 bxp, so the automotive stores remained closed. Now, I have 8000 bxp and want to reopen the automotive stores- However, when I click reopen business, nothing happens. What do I do? Additionally, it says that I can own 6 business, but currently own 3- does this mean. can purchase more businesses?

With the bxp you have, you should be able to open other closed businesses that you now own. We will look into this now.

There is a reporting issue we are looking at. In the meantime, to open your closed business, go to Manage Business > Sell or Shut Down Business > and select the closed business. You will see the window below. Clicking “Reopen” should open the business for you. Please let us know this worked or not.