Business count - game balancing

Current situation in game is such that there is 160 mfg and 140 retail businesses. Basically its impossible to sell all manufactured cars even without the fact that markets shrank. MFG produces 84 a day and RTL can sell only 60 a day.

I dont know how markets grow and shrink, but for example if they grow with retail businesses and not just new players than this is double trouble.

Basically players depend on what type of business will new players open.

Idea: currently if you have max number of business for your bxp you cannot close one and open new one since closed one also counts toward business number. Basically old players completely depend on new players decisions (and new players rarely know mechanics of game). It could be beneficial if we are allowed to close a business (or 2) and start new one, with max number of businesses being counted only for open businesses. Then older players could for example close some mfg and open new retailer thus impacting balance of game mechanics on their own.

If new players keep opening mfg businesses instead of retail, game could soon become unplayable.

The problem in your logic is to think that manufacturers always produce at the max

  • they don’t produce 84 per day until they invest in full efficiency.
  • many manufacturers give up before a week so the real numbers are always hard to gauge

I do however agree 100% that you should be able to close a business and bankrupt it - losing all your investment, but at least giving you the option to use the slot for a different business type. This has been requested in this forum before.

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An easy fix for this might be to adjust our code to not count CLOSED businesses in the Maximum Business limit.

A harder fix is to allow full shutdown of a business … doable, but lower priority.


Yes please. I think if it’s a simple fix we should allow people to close a business and do something else with the slot. (make sure we don’t introduce a bug that then let’s them get around the limit by re-opening the old one)

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I agree with Fireyscorp, for example if player gets 10 business before new type of business are rolled out, he is somewhat screwed as he cannot enjoy game to fullest. If he can close some businesses to open new ones then old players would also get chance to enjoy smartphone businesses or any other business that gets added.