Bonds / Stock Market Lock

Both the bond and stock market are locking sales on the basis of 24 hour escrow, but I’m 100% sure the relevant shares and bonds I wish to trade were bought much more than 24 hours ago.

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Having the same problem as well.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into this and will follow up with you.

Fixed thanks - look out for my daily trades all :wink:

Excellent! Happy trading!

Slight variation to original problem.
There seems to be a glitch on sale price restriction of shares.
GVT - if I try to sell at 33g I get the can’t trade within 24 hour message.
Same stock same screen, put them up at 31g the sale gets listed.

In non government stocks (player companies) the response for a price too high is info on the acceptable prices in red…

Our Dev Team will look at this. We will be in touch soon.


Fireyscorp, I cannot reproduce this. If I try to list my GVT stock for g33, I get the red feedback stating the range I can sell for.

Can you try again and let me know if you get the red feedback or the Cannot sell for 24 hours?
What screen Are you trying to sell from? Is it the Finance > Portfolio page or the World Markets > Stocks page?

There are 2 GVT listings so make sure you’re trying the one where I hold 440 (now 430) shares…
When I say try to sell - you have to go all the way to placing on market.
Try to sell at 99 - red price range warning 23 - 38
Try to sell at 38 - 24 hour lock message
Try to sell at 37 - 24 hour lock message
Try to sell at 33 - 24 hour lock message
Try to sell at 31 - (not invoking the price change check) - successfully placed on market.

Edit: Same problem with Bonds BTW… Oh and it’s the world markets Stocks page.

Edit 2: Ahh - so there’s part of your problem and a big step to resolving…
If I go onto the portfolio stocks page the current price is listed as 25g which was it’s original listing price and the price warning message is 19 - 31.
So that’s the price check it’s actually doing even when it displays a different message on the world stocks page. (and then it get it’s display wrong when selecting the block message)
I was wondering why stocks with 2 listings have 2 different price messages. It’s blocking based on 25% move as well as a check on total equity but the 25% is redundant (and far too clunky when prices are 2g). And all that would be resolved with merging stocks to only ever have one listing where price is based on current valuation.

Referring back to book price is another bug presumably related to balance sheet entry but even then a portfolio listing should be at current market prices. You could also display cost price and capital gain which would then tie back to the balance sheet…

Still no luck for me. I always get the red price range. Are you able to do a screen video capture and email it to me at It would really help me see what you are seeing.

Refer my 2nd edit… About to go to work and will be busy for 6 hours. Also hopeless getting video capture but will try to get someone younger to help me :slight_smile:

Thanks for that extra info. It does look like the portfolio page was using teh issue price.

Hopefully, making the correction to this will fix the issue you were having. It seems, it was making it past the front-end check and getting caught by our back-end check.

Once my 24 hour period passes, I will be able to fully test the fix put in place. After that, it will be a week or so before it hits the main server.

I know this is old and probably archived but there is still a bug in that if you try to sell a bond at 1100 you will get a 24 hour restriction message but if you sell that same bond at 1000 you will be able to list it. I’m sure if you try a few bonds you will be able to replicate it…

Thanks … we will check it out.

@Fireyscorp, this was related to the same issue with the “Firefox vs Explorer - click through issues” and should be corrected soon.