Banks issuing loans

I sent this to goventure bank and we decided to post it here also!

I just wanted to give a suggestion for the game and you and I as banks that are issuing loans. The thing that I have noticed going on in the game is that I will issue a loan and then sometime later I see you issuing a loan to the same customer. It would be cool if there was some way we could almost do a credit check of some sort! Maybe for example put it under their website, under financials as outstanding loans so banks can see how many loans that have and/or the amount.

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Thanks for the suggestion. You can do a check now by visiting the company’s website and looking at their financial summary. Under LIABILITIES you can see any debt they currently have. And you can ask them about their debt as part of your due diligence.

Currently, there is no way to check if they have put in multiple applications for loans at the same time which have not yet been approved. As part of your continued due diligence, you can monitor their LIABILITIES to see if they go higher after you issue them your loan and if you are worried about it, you can request immediate repayment of your loan (which they may or may not abide by).

Good deal, thank you for your response. So far all is good, it was just something I noticed in game play triggered a idea lol. Anyway keep up the great work on such a great game!