Banking profits


I believe somethings wrong with banking

  1. for loans so far it looks you loan your own money, not depositors (virtual depositors) money,
    you are better off buying bonds from other people?

  2. fees for bond underwriting are a percentage, but final payment is a 10th of it (i charged 4% of g100.000 an instead of receiving G4.000 I received g400)

have not underwriten stocks so no info on it yet

  1. for lending your own money and so little commissions
    10.000 BXP
    G10.000.000 opening fee
    and almost G2.000.000 yearly cost
    it is to put you out of the game


Looking at this Bond issue, we see that you have only sold “10” bonds. That would total g10,000 and the brokerage fee would be, and is g400.

Yes, as “the Bank” you loan out the money.