Bank Loan Glitch

I believe i have found another bug for you :). When i go to pay on one of the bank loans. i have 3. I can pay on 1 of them without a problem. but the other 2 when i hit the “make payment” it does nothing at all. i have one i owe 40k left to and cant pay it off. lol

Hey Skyward, are your loans with Lifeline? Another player was having the same issue and his loans were with Lifeline. Just trying to track down similarities. If so, is the one you can pay on, also with Lifeline?

Do you mind if I try to make a small payment on your loans to hunt down the issue?

sure go right ahead :slight_smile: i dont mind one bit. the one that wont allow me is 40k with bitcoin and 9.7m with lifeline. but i can pay on the other loan i have with bitcoin without issues. and paid off several others with life line

All should be good now.

awesome thank you man. great job once again