Auto Sales Question

I am not able to sell more than 4 cars a day, even though I have purchased all visibility services. My retail business is located in Mexico, and no one else is selling cars there. Other players have complained about too. Is this a bug? Or the way the market is right now?

The price of smartphones also dropped a lot after the year change, I am only able to sell for g300 less than I used to. Again, no direct competition where I am. Other players are also complaining about it.

If it is not a bug, will you tell us how to improve sales?

HI @Utrera_s_Consulting,

I am having a similar issue myself. In addition to the Visibility, I have purchased the additional sales people (that is what is needed to sell more than the base amount), I have also bought and invented add-ons, my sales have suddenly halved from 10 a day to 5. since the “new year”,

I definitely believe it is a bug because when I pull up my page to manage/view the business/sales/salespeople it repeats 2/3 times and just looks “buggy” :rofl:

Sales do fluctuate in the game, to see current yearly consumer profiles for your country check out the consumer profiles report.

There are many factors that will affect your sales. For example if consumers “feel” your price is too high they will not buy your product.

Additional suggestions:

Market Demand in a country fluctuates based on the number of active players selling in that country. So this can be issue to consider.

Adding more sales people and other sales resources does not directly increase the number of products your customers want to buy from you (market demand). It may only increase your ability to sell more products. You cannot sell more products if more customers don’t want to buy from you.

This means you have to consider overall market demand in the country and also how you compare to other businesses that are competing with you.

Reviewing the reports in the tablet can help give you more insight into this.