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Hey Developers,

I guess its asked multiple times, still i am stating it as well.

Could there be a all delete button or a checkbox in front of each mail u got so u can delete different ones, its quite annoying if your doing many trades and spam from all sales etc,To delete them one by one each time,

Especially for active players



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@Callaars, we couldn’t agree more. It is something we intend to do. However, there are priority items that require our Dev Team’s attention. We hope to address this in the not so distant future. Thank you for your comment.

thanks for looking into it! good work so far, the game does not play as a beta, but as a full working game!

Thanks for letting me join this adventure.


Thank you for that @Callaars.

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I’d like to add my vote on this one. I believe it is now the highest bugbear I have with the game. If you don’t keep up with your mail it’s too easy to miss purchase orders but to keep up is THE most time consuming part of my game day.

For every buy order I have an acceptance, a shipping notification(or many) and an arrival notification(or many). For each of those it is 3 clicks to delete a mail which is often laggy. Then there’s the screen glitch that appears quite often that forces the exit and re-entry of the mailbox.

Surely the volume of undeleted mail in the database has to be an issue on processing time as well??
Please bump it up the list

Why not just DELETE the email as soon as you read it? This would all be the same number of clicks as having a bulk email delete option (which we will be building for sure).


Reading email
Delete - 1 click
Confirm - 1 click

Reading email
Close - 1 click
Select - 1 click
Select more emails 1 click each
Delete - 1 click
Confirm - 1 click

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I agree 100% too. the whole point is most of the mails are useless and when you do delete a mail it’s 3 very different screen positions to click on list, down below to select delete and middle to confirm. when you review a page of mail you already know you don’t care about most of them.

Select all, maybe unclick one, delete, confirm.

Try logging in to 180 unread mails and then wading through them to delete all because most say product shipped or product received

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This is still an issue and is still high on my list of priority bugs that should be addressed.
Just an observation though and it isn’t consistent, but I noticed that the mails that relate to advertising - “You have won ad spot” and “Your ad is running” are the most likely to trip up the screen handling when attempting to delete them - requiring you to back out of mail and start again.

I presume admins would notice these things and the tedious nature of mail maintenance if they try to keep a tidy mail box…

I’ve switched to Chrome for this game and the mail system is a lot more stable on that platform…
(and as a bonus it’s the only platform that recognises the login screen as a login screen remembering PW etc)

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always played at chrome…still wondering if those checkboxes come fast enough… slams head on the table while erasing mail

Callaars, you will have to get a softer table … still going to take a while for us to get to those checkboxes :yum:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mail fix.
It’s an elegant solution and works perfectly!

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