Advertising Campaign Landing Page

I was working on an advertising campaign and understand how to put the graphics and text for the ad. But I don’t quite understand the link box and the landing page box. I have searched everywhere and cannot find an answer.

I assume the link box is for someone to put in a URL such as a website they produced outside the game.

But when I try to save my ad design, I am prompted to put something in my landing page. I’m thinking that that is where someone will go if they click on the ad (on the cellphone). But if I click on someone’s ad on the cellphone I do not go to their landing page.

Is this a work in progress?

Thanks in advance.

When you see and ad in the smartphone and click on it, a small window is supposed to appear … this is the landing page. The landing page allows you to include more details for your message.

If the landing page window is not appearing in the game, it could be a bug (we had this issue once before that was fixed) that we will look into.

The link box is as you describe.

Thank you Matt. After I wrote the question I had a new ad show on the cellphone and I clicked on it and did get the advertiser’s landing page. I guess the first time I didn’t get the landing page was the exception.