Addons: issues on hand

Hi there are few issues regarding this particular feature in the game.

  1. i have invented 2 new addons for which i have filed the patent also and paid the fees but still it has not yet approved.
  2. I can see that i have licensed my addons to 2 companies but i can not see the license fees and the royalty i am getting.

this is just a suggestion, if there is a way we can get to know who has licensed the product or can get a mail whenever someone license it.

The Patent Office is a manual process, your patents were processed this morning.

I had the same issue and now they are rejected and nothing to click on to re-do anything. Not sure what kind of scam this was, but a bunch of R&D expenses down the drain.

The patent application requires a graphic and a basic description. Clicking “File” is stating that the patent application is finished. “Save” let’s you continue editing.

We have added prompts to ensure players fully complete the process.

The money was still wasted and it is still rejected and now I still can’t change anything on it if I wanted to. I’m glad you fixed that for everyone else, but there’s like 10 patents I will never see any return on.