About Trademark registration

My client asked me to register his trademark, I filled all documents to the court on 2021-04-09, but no answer till now. What I should tell to my client?

All Trademark requests have been processed. Sorry that it took longer than you expected.

Note that GoVenture Courts only work regular business hours so you should plan for such delays.

Thank you for informing me. I just feel pressure from my client. :slight_smile:

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We understand that and apologize for the inconvenience.

I filled all documents on 2021-04-13RT, but still no answer. How long it takes?


You should see notice on this now.

Thank you

I am asking to register trademarks for my clients.

From who?

Boston Legal filled all docs to the court


one more time, please

Sorry, done.

Please, one more time. 131 game days I am waiting to register my client’s trademark.