ABOUT the GoVenture World GOVERNMENT category

Government news related to the Courts, Trademark Office, Competition Bureau, and more. Players may also request investigations here. Read ABOUT for details.

The GoVenture World Court makes legal decisions related to law suits and other legal matters. Legal judgements and judicial opinions may be posted here to provide more detail and allow for discussion.

The GoVenture World Trademark Office makes decisions related to trademark registration. Trademark decisions may be posted here to provide more detail and allow for discussion. Note that the Trademark Office handles trademark registration, while trademark infringement is a legal matter handled by the GoVenture World Courts.

The Competition Bureau is a department of the GoVenture World Government that monitors and takes actions related to anti-trust matters, fraud, and other matters needed to ensure that fair competition exists in the market. The Competition Bureau has the authority to review all financial transactions in GoVenture World and to seize and liquidate assets and assign penalties to businesses that are exploiting loopholes in the market or acting contrary to the spirit of fair competition. To clarify, the Competition Bureau does not stop or protect individual consumers or businesses from making bad decisions, it only protects the integrity of the World economy from mischievous or malicious exploits. You may post a request to investigate a businesses here. For private requests, send email to team@GoVentureWorld.com