3D Meet Space Should Eventually Turn to Game itself?

It would be neat to have the 3D meet space eventually change to the game function itself where you can move around your factories (nothing too elaborate or real life looking needs to be done here, just machines moving and maybe a few NPC’s standing around at like 3 stations), be able to go walk outside and enjoy the day, do things in the actual world that 1) gives you money or 2) if it’s business related, gives you bxp. You could go out and meet new people. They could show you around their factories (can customize the colors of the cars and maybe even add in different car model types that doesn’t have to be licensed). Have like a Stock Exchange building that you would see at the NYSE or similar exchanges. Huge building with lots of tvs and stations and you just go up to one of the stations to make your sell/purchase, or you can look at the tv screens to see how the price is doing. All players (manufacturing and retail) can buy personal cars for themselves if they don’t want to walk around the city (because this would be a very huge city if that happened) and can drive their orders out (or they can just have a “ship by NPC” option) to drive the orders around to the businesses themselves and be able to look at other people’s businesses :slight_smile: Just something for down the road once the web version gets itself sorted out :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to post this suggestion. It’s pretty ambitious :slight_smile: sort of like Second Life and World of Warcraft (without the killing :slight_smile:

Every idea helps us rethink and refine our game and we log everything for future consideration, so thanks again!

I had thought of it after my second time just running around in the 3D Meet Space. Saw all the buildings out of the window and know I wasn’t able to go out there and thought, “What if this were a 3D game?” and just a flood of ideas start coming into my head :slight_smile: Only thing is if it does turn into a 3D game, would have to make sure that the camera stays behind the person when they move (currently it doesn’t in the Meet Space). But other than that, it would be very interesting as you could live a “life” within the game as a business owner. Not to mention that it would probably also attract a lot of players as well :slight_smile:

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