Why use alts for ads

Since this can be used to report gameplay, IP check this account and FOMO’s or others. No one new to the game would immediately waste 1M on ads.

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Thank you for posting this.

Suspicious, maybe using alts or just overvaluing ads because new players are confused about gameplay. Also I just forgot can we use alts if we use them appropriately ?

Here is our official position on multiple accounts:

Ok, I understand that

For the people who do 2 or more alts, they can easily say it’s a class or group project. So if someone made 9 alt acc’s and became some of the top players through it and when asked about it they give a weak excuse like TL holding inc and The holding co of “we’re brothers” when they get on at the exact same time and only supply and help each other. What do you do in these instances?

Click the link we shared above to read the full article of how we deal with multiple accounts (the above is just the first paragraph).

Maybe because he wants the business to sound more appealing, a customer advertising the business proves that it’s good in better ways.Yes I read it.