Why is there a limit to cash giving

other than trying to prevent players from cheating somehow by sending tens or hundreds of millions of g to each other why is there a cash gifting limit? if i want to send a company im working with millions of g to cover costs while a bug prevents him from selling or shipping goods i think i should be able to do so. or if i have spare money sitting unused i should be able to send a couple mill to a new company trying to get started. personally id love to start a new player financial assistance charity program since at this point im shipping product and making money but i also dont have much reason to keep expanding and trying to make more money.

You are right that this is anti-cheating prevention.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for us to know the intent of a player. Sure, we can develop algorithms to determine safer players but there are too many other more important priorities.

It’s great that you want to help other players … love that! Perhaps you can act as a cosigner on a loan from an investment bank for that player.

how would i act as a cosigner? like i understand how to apply for a loan but no where do i see where to add cosigner. if you could explain or show a screen shot that would be awesome.

Acting as a cosigner is not built into the game directly, but here is how to do it:

  1. Offer to be a cosigner for someone and negotiate however you want.
  2. When that person applies for a loan, they should note that you are willing to act as a cosigner and that the Investment Bank should contact you to confirm.
  3. The Investment Bank should contact you and request that you send a message confirming that you are willing to serve as a cosigner on the loan to company ___ up to the amount of ________. And that you understand that if company ___ does not repay the loan, then you are liable to do so.

Basically, you are creating an agreement and using the game messaging system (or other method you prefer) to create documented evidence of the deal.

ok the point of this is so i can help out companies with larger amounts of cash.

  1. i offer to be a cosigner and negotiate the amount
  2. the person applies for the loan and notes that i want to be a cosigner to bank and that they should contact me.
  3. the bank contacts me and i agree to all of this stuff in a mail
    4, since i want to give companies money and i dont expect the primary signer to pay it back how do i jump ahead to have the bank just give me the bill so i can pay off the loan?

Unfortunately, that’s not really the purpose of cosigning.

What you really need to do is start an investment bank and then you can give as much money to anyone you want under any terms that you want.

ok one last question and this regards the idea you proposed about me starting my own investment bank (IB).

If i create my own IB and give, lets say 5 players, 10 to 20 million g (note im not sure what the loaning limit is if there is one) would i face repercussions from admins for essentially giving large sums of money away for companies to quickly upgrade themselves. additionally i wouldnt expect them to pay the loan off since it would basically be a gift and not a loan.

overall i just want to check this over with either you Mathew or admins so i know if i do this i wont get reset due to foul play.

Yes, with an IB you can give large amounts of money to other businesses, but the system is designed for them to be loans. Now, if they don’t pay you back, that’s up to you to allow them to skip payments.

We would allow you to do what you describe as long as you are doing it for proper reasons (to help other honest businesses/players) and not trying to manipulate the results of the game.


ok thanks for clearing everything up