When Are We Getting New Features?

I’m here anticipating the new features mentioned like, new businesses. I’d also like to see the option to own more businesses. Why stop the business at 10 when the BXP continues to grow?? lol

Thanks for your interest! It will be a while before we are able to add new types of businesses but they are on our list for sure.

We capped the limit to 10 businesses right now because we are thinking that once you have that many businesses, you must be spending a lot of time just managing them all, so allowing more businesses may burn out a player. But, maybe we are wrong. Do you have 10 businesses now and if so how much time are you playing?

I only have 3 businesses but my friend has 10 and he and I has the same routine. It’s a lot of time but not a lot of effort. The game needs more stuff to do, to pass the time when your manufacturing or your inventory is empty or you just don’t have anything to do. Usually we just check our messages throughout the day, accept stuff, issue stuff, ship stuff, play mini games to their limit, challenges barely come anymore for me. What im saying is, the game is soo exciting and fun that we don’t even care about those small issues that make it a lil boring. When u gotta sit around yk

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Thanks for the info. We definitely have plans to offer more in the game. More business types, more challenges, etc. It’s great to hear that you are find the game exciting!

For me, I thank you for putting the limit at 10 - certainly while it’s restricted to cars. Managing more than 10 first round was becoming a chore… I think expansion in more interesting things like shares or other products is the way to go.


Thanks for reaffirming our decision on this, Firey. It helps to know when our design decisions are working (and not working).

I do agree. Managing 7+ businesses can be a bit challenging, however i do think expansion of other companies and products would boost the user activity here.

Me personally, I am waiting for the law firms to be able to do trademarks and civil lawsuits against each other. This is what i crave most.


More Business could came with the possibility of making supply chain links within companies from the same group. Like allowing other payers to generate production orders and define shipment moments… This would allow more time to manage new Business and Investment banks/Add Companies/Legal firms to generate more Business.

Just a suggestion…

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PB_Corp: We are getting close to relaunching those features.

Z_dos: Thanks… we do plan to add more supply chain features so that manufacturers will need to order parts from other manufacturers.

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To be honest, even hitting 6 businesses was pushing it. Especially since most of us around that time were shaping our inventory around the game. So having to play the game 6-10 times was very time consuming. I also agree with PB. If we had the Law firm we would be able to surge WAY more activity especially since we always had the lawfirm battle. If we were able to see a new feature or fixed mechanic on the law firm i would be willing to disperse half a billion dollars to player if you showed a new mechanic such as that in a week