Venture Capital

I would love for the ability to buy stakes in a company without an IPO so Investment Banks or companies in general can have a “Venture Capital” dept. Then when a company is built up they can IPO and the Venture firm can profit that way.

Yes, that would be a nice feature for sure. We did have such a feature early on but it got too complicated with all the other things we were building. But, once we have the current gameplay solid we should revisit this.

For now, you can still act as a venture capitalist in two ways:

(1) As an INVESTMENT BANK underwriting the stock issue, you can choose to immediately buy the shares when you put them on the PRIMARY STOCK MARKET. You would buy them just like any other player would and you would have to act fast, but since you control the posting of the issue, then you can easily manage that.

(2) If you are NOT the underwriter, you can establish relationships with other INVESTMENT BANKS and ask them to keep you informed of new share issues so that you can buy them first.

In both instances above, you would make money when the share value increases in the future and sell the shares.


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Absolutely. I just used the first method.

Eventually I would love to just invest in new players and help them grow to make money that way. Once I have BILLIONS! hahaha