Upgraded vehicles specs

Greetings! I’ve activated my first features upgrade and instead of having 20% features, I’ve got 13% features and 7% quality for my first batch. I’m guessing it has something to do with the manufacturing mini game, since the first few units by default manufacturing had 20% features.


The setup shows up correctly: 20% features. Also, not sure if relates, but the inventory average unit cost makes it look like the features cost hasn’t been applied to all of the vehicles, which shouldn’t be the case since I’ve cleared inventory before upgrading.


Zuzu, have a look at the 6th bullet here in the User Guide to see if it explains what you are seeing:

I’m not sure it does… my inventory was empty when I started manufacturing, so I believe the average should match the unit cost. Same for the specs. I added all my vehicles to the open market before I upgraded and started manufacturing. Also, wouldn’t it be the case for me to have my vehicles average 13% features and 0% quality, since I can’t manufacture vehicles with quality upgrade yet?

Looking at the inventory info right now, it shows the unit cost as I expected. However, the specs remain unchanged (13%/7%) even after I’ve doubled my inventory. Shouldn’t that have changed if it was due to mixed specs?

The dev team has identified this issue and is working on it.