Unfair Attribution of Ad Spots?


It seems that sometimes (not sure under which circumstances) the last bid on an Ad Spot, even though it is validated and paid for, is not taken into account.

Below are two examples taken into screenshots ;

It might be related to some weird behavior regarding the timestamps ; it looks like the Ad system is struggling to choose between the server timezone (GMT ?) and the user timezone.
But there is nothing certain about this, so don’t quote me on this :wink:

Oh, and please don’t take offence of the title - a more accurate one would have been “Last bid does not win the Ad Spot”, but it’s not fun enough to be fair :slight_smile:



We have discovered a bug that has caused the issues and it has been corrected. Thank you for posting.

Thanks !

Although there definitely is still some significant delay between winning an Ad Spot (when the RT time reaches the start of the spot and the bids are closed) and being alerted & being able to act on the won spot ;

I thought it was about 2h but lately it is more like 4-6 hours ; is this delay wanted ?

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EDIT : I also found another occurrence of no attribution :

Just wanted to confirm here, can you choose your own ad firm for the campaigns and all?. Bcoz i am unable to do that

@HS_Incorporated I agree with you. I have bid on some spots higher than the other players but it’s showing that the other player has won that spot instead of my ad agency

Hey @QWERTY - the choice in the Firm seems to happen in the “Workflow” of your screens :

  • If you go to Marketing > Advertising Campaigns then you bid on a spot in the name of your holding company.
  • If you go to Manage Business > Your Ad Company > Manage Ad Campaigns then you bid in the name of your Ad Agency (and then you should be able to attribute the spots to your clients).

Please be careful when you bid on a spot, as if you have multiple game windows open then the system might get confused.

However the last part (being able to assign a spot to a client company) I cannot confirm because the spots attribution is not done yet, even though the bids have been closed for a few hours now - @GVW_Admin , any chance of us being able to use these spots ? The “My Spots” page tells me “- no ad spots won -” even though spots have been won by my Ad Agency :confused:

Using multiple tabs will cause issues and are causing the problems you are experiencing.

@GVW_Admin : Thanks for this information, I’ll quit doing this.
But can we still ask for a lookout and a correction of the current Ad Spot Bidding status ?
There are still spots that my Ad Agency should have won but are still unavailable (screenshots taken right now) :


Unfortunately these bids and the multi-tab breakage cannot be undone. Future bidding will act as intended.

I’m sorry to insist, but there is definitely something up with the spot attributions ; I’m really not certain it works at all.

Here is an example :
One single spot, on which the last 2 bids were made by my Holding Company & by my Ad Agency.
The Holding “won” the spot, even though the Ad Agency bid last.

I would have thought, then, that the spot should be available for my Holding to use ?

It is definitely not the case ;
Here is the spot seen by my Holding :

Here is the “won” Spots list for my Holding - the “won” spot does not appear at all :

As seen by my Ad Agency, the bid is “lost” and the “my spots” list is empty :

It is this last part that is really concerning to me - My Ad Agency has legitimately won several spots over the last few hours but its “My Spots” list is still empty ;

I’m kind of sorry to be so pushy, but my company has taken engagements with trusted partners to diffuse their ads, and right now it looks like I cannot give them the service they paid for.
I’m not sure we have a single example of an Ad Agency being able to get an ad spot in this campaign, and to be completely honest it worries me quite a lot :slight_smile:

This is definitely nothing personal - I actually have no idea how much work you have to put through everyday to keep this magnificent game turning round (I really hope it’s not much), and I feel like I’m kind of asking you to check an entire aspect of the game ;
But if we cannot get Ad Spots as Ad Agencies then it’s better that we know it to alert our clients :wink:

Sorry (again) for these very long posts …

No need to apologize, we will look at this again. Thank you for posting.

The issue has been identified and the fix will be in the next update. Thank you for keeping this on the radar. We appreciate it.

Thank you for everything, especially helping me make sure I wasn’t getting mad :smiley:

Looking forwards to this update, as always !

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