Unable to set price for accounting & law firm

unable to set price for accounting & law firm . pleas check

Hi Devsha I don’t quite understand your problem. Are you selling your law firm ?

My accounting firm is unable to generate revenue from accounting services & i am unable to set price for accounting service chargers which is already set as 3%

As i am able to set different prices for Trademarks, lawsuits but same is not possible for accounting services

He sent me 1M trademark contract for a 400k price listed trademark. False pricing lawsuit will be filed


1 mil for a trademark? bit too much…

Yes before reset goventure law firm offers 200,000 g money for a trademark not 1 million.

You cannot change the 3% Services fee … that fee is automatically collected by the system for all accounting and law firms (it’s free money for you if you can convince players to choose you).

But you can set all of your other fees that require you to do actual service work.