Unable to see stocks on secondary market

Hello, I have seen a message that says I have stocks in my secondary market, but when I check to see if I do, I don’t see any present.

What message did you see?

The screenshot you shared above shows stocks that players own and are attempting to sell. Players own shares that will not appear in the screenshot above if they are not trying to sell them.

So in the first screenshot it says that I have stocks listed on the market that haven’t sold. When I check the stocks in world markets nothing is listed and I know it isn’t stock that I have issues, because I did attempt to sell stock from my portfolio that isn’t being shown.

We have looked into this and the two businesses that you hold stocks in are inactive due to the players leaving the game.

Because the businesses are no longer in play they will not show up on the secondary market. We are making changes that will address that issue in a future update.

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Thank you! Appreciate the help. I was beginning to suspect this much as a possibility.