Unable to locate business or a new business

‘Manage Business’ goes to tutorial screen, and assumes I have started a business.
I was in the middle of creating a business yesterday, but during the process of starting a business I remember trying to locate and choose a country. I had tried various countries e.g., Brazil, China & Spain, thinking I wasnt allowed to choose them.

Is it possible to reset ‘Start a business’ or reload the business I was in the middle of setting up. I do not remember the business name because I was doing a whole lot of clicking around all over the place.

We have reset your location in the tutorial so that you can set up your business.

Thank you. The video appears and I’m able to watch through the entire video. However, at the Green screen of the video which says “Start your Operating Business” there is no button or ‘interrupt mechanism’ which would allow me to go into another screen to actually start a new business. Once this green screen comes up, the following process has been occuring… I would need go to the side navigation, click on “Manage Business”, click on “Start a new Business”. But by doing this, it brings up the video again, and video starts from the beginning.and ends up looping, meaning watch the video again and again. Please interrupt this loop, so I can “Start a New Business”. Thanks.

What happens when you click this button

You should see this

oops, :blush: Thanks for this. Done