Two times g1,9B Accounting fees in a few seconds?

Hello @GVW_Admin , @GoVenture ;

I logged in to see my company in a massive debt - g3,7B - that I cannot explain ;
Looking at the general journal shows that when I was not logged in, I received 2x some “Accounting Fees” from 1st Law, costing g1,9B each time, in a few seconds interval.

I cannot get out of this debt hole.
Is there a gameplay explanation for this ?

Best regards -

EDIT : I just understood that it also made me lose an entire 12 days of production in my factory because of the being in debt blocking any and all production runs. I’m crying a little.

It turns out that the accountant was manipulating your books, and embezzling the money and got greedy.
We have reprimanded them and will address the issue.

Thank you for reporting this issue, we have found the bug and corrected it.

Thank you for your prompt answer and the resolution !

Should I intent a lawsuit against this accountant ?
I can try to claim the loss production and the loss of opportunity ; these aren’t “big” numbers (unlike what the accountant tried to get away with), but it would be a nice twist in the gameplay !

I think there aren’t any “player” law firms yet, so would I be trying to sue an admin-controlled company using another admin-controlled company as a medium ?

I’m genuinely curious as to whether this would be considered “acceptable” :confused:

Best regards :slight_smile:

We have reprimanded the accountant and refunded your money. No need to sue.

Argh, more loss of opportunity :slight_smile:

Thanks again (for this case and the general game), keep up with the good work !