Tutorial: Can't create new business

I choose name, logo and location then I click on continue and the " choose location" button flashes in gray and nothing happens, I tried everything.

@DeltaCom, the Dev Team are looking into this now. Please stand by.

@DeltaCom …. We are unable to reproduce the issue here, so we have two suggestion for you …

(1) Choosing a location on the map can be a bit tricky sometimes. When looking at the map, zoom in all the way and then click and hold your mouse until a red target icon appears. Then click the CHOOSE button to close the map.

(2) If the above does not work, try using another browser or device so you can get past this step.

Let us know how it works out for you!

This is happening to me as well. I can’t get past the profile stage. My username is _hf14. I have entered name stock symbol logo and location but it keeps on telling me to enter a stock symbol still. Please help. Thanks

This has been corrected. Please let us know that you moved forward without any issues. Thank you for posting this.

This is happening to me too, except I can’t get the red location dot to appear on map.

@Mike …. to get the red dot to appear, ZOOM in to the map as far as possible and then click on a land mass that is not near the water. If you click too close to the water, the map may think it is on the water. Sometimes you have to click quite far inland. It’s a map issue that we hope to fix in the near future.

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