Trouble creating advertisement

When I attempted to create an advertisement (in the Marketing tab, for my own company), I clicked the Save button and it remained grayed out for over 5 minutes. When I checked again, the advertisement was still not created. I tried refreshing the page and starting over from scratch again, and it still did not work. Any thoughts?

We are not able to reproduce the issue. Can you try it again to see if it is still happening for you.

I tried again just now and am still experiencing the issue. I was able to create new advertisements until a few days ago, then this issue just popped up.

Hey there, the only way I have been able to reproduce your issue is if I fail to give the ad a name. Can you make sure all fields are filled in (ie. Name, Ad title, Ad content) before saving and let me know if that solves the issue.

Yeah, everything is filled out and it’s still not working. No error message pops up or anything, but the ‘Save’ button grays out when I click it and it doesn’t save the ad. Could it be because of the “Edit Link and Landing Page” section? Is there a character limit on that? Are special characters such as " / " s not allowed in the ad? Also, are there a maximum number of ads you can create? Just throwing ideas out there, since I’m not exactly sure what could be going wrong here.

EDIT: I was able to save the ad after removing the slash ( / ) symbol from the ad. Not sure if that’s what was causing the problem, but it seemed to fix it, oddly enough.

We try to keep special characters out of the ads to prevent code injection. I will make sure there a an error message with that.

Ah, okay. That’s definitely good to know. Thanks for addressing this, and keep up the great work!