Transportation Routes not working

Im unable to buy new transportation routes, not sure if its a bug or if im doing something incorrectly

We will investigate this, but can you provide us with more details?
What are you seeing when you try to add a country?
Are you getting any error messages?

Screen captures would be useful.

Thank you

The “Add Country” button seems to be unresponsive nothing happens when I click. I saw a previous question where a couple of the other users where having the same problem but they were on safari, Im currently using chrome. There are no error messages

Thank you, is the country dialog being displayed, or are you seeing no action at all?

No action at all, I ended up switching to Firefox and I could add routes.

I have same issue when using Firefox. Chrome seems to work okay if you click on the country button two times.

Are you still seeing this issue? We updated the game to address the empty country list bug earlier this week and it works correctly for our shipping companies on the server.

As of this morning it was an issue. I’m not at my desktop to verify. My phone works.

This issue is now fixed using firefox and desktop compute.