Transportation Companies Abusement

I was just wondering if anybody else has noticed what is happening? Magar & Veneloch have obviously made an agreement that they will abuse the *10 revenue given by transportation companies. They have very high smartphone prices that they ship to each other but more importantly space drones. They have the prices maxed out. 60K per unit + 80g/km. They have single shipments of Space drones worth over 1 million (meaning they get 10 million paid out) Their profits have soared over the past few weeks as they have really been abusing this. I guess the only thing left to change with them is that not only products produced by yourself cannot be shipped but generally no products produced or bought by yourself can be shipped by your own transport company.

What are your thoughts on this?

Interesting. I think transport is a great addition to the game, as are Space Drones with their high value, but clearly some loopholes need to be closed.

I was more focused on the loophole that allows magar to own 18 companies. I can guess it has something to do with buying and selling or on closing a business temporarily, adding to your number and re-opening. Either way it’s an abuse and should be blocked…

Another thing I’m thinking is that with the frequent buying and selling of companies between 2 players, it’s an easy way to buy a shell, fill it with investment / inventory etc and sell it back at the same price. A way to transfer wealth that was blocked by restricting donations to 50k

Anyway, good on magar for finding loopholes. I’m just re-learning the new nuances of the game so happy to concede the round to him already

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Hello Phase, we have noticed and we are investigating. Thank you for posting this concern.

1st, welcome back Fireyscorp, we are please to see your return. We have noticed these activities and we are investigating. Thank you for all your valued input.

Has nothing to do with the post. Just wanted to say hi to my old friend!


Haven’t seen much admin activity in game, but magar continues to open businesses with impunity! Current count is 23 with 29k bxp. I have no idea where he finds the energy but it gives him an unfair advantage over other players and something to do with his surplus cash.
I’m certain it’s an abuse to do with closed businesses. Please slam the door on this ASAP (and force him to relinquish all companies over his limit.)

We are looking into this. Thank you.

I am growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of action against these 2 players. They have been exploiting game loopholes since day 1 and continue to do so. When this was reported 11 days ago they were already dominant in the game and they continue each day with no consequences.

Surely it would be simple enough to send them a warning and open an investigation into their abuse of loopholes?? The penalty is simple - strip them of all profits of abuse and shut down all companies above their bxp limit (as they open and closes businesses daily it can’t hurt the game any more than is happening now)

Company swapping - makes a total mockery of limits to moving cash between players. Solution - once a company is sold it cannot be re-sold for 7 days
Starting new companies, buying or re-opening closed ones - there’s clearly a bug that doesn’t properly check the total companies held before allowing a company to be created / bought / re-opened. Solution - check the coding for the weakness.
Transport company abuse - I don’t have a transport company but if that 10x revenue is still there and you can combine it with transferring cash through company swapping, then the solution of blocking transporting own goods is not enough - they can include 3 parties in the scheme and still abuse it.
Solution - make transport companies cheaper to run, increase minimum rates that are charged as everyone has to pay them anyway and then remove the 10x revenue.

I get that it’s still beta and there will always be (and in fact we’re looking for) players to test / abuse the system, but when things are allowed to fester as they have in this case, it’s disheartening to see. Previous rounds have been destroyed by players that only seem interested in bending the rules… It’s so obvious to me as I log in each day, I can’t believe admin are unaware, and if they are aware that they don’t take action faster.

We are still investigating this, and had fixed what we thought was the issue they were using. The Investigation is still ongoing.

Hey Firey, sorry for your frustration but rest assured that action is being taken. We’re still a small team with many competing priorities so sometimes things like this can move slower than we all like.

Note that Transport company supplemental revenue was changed to 5X (from 10X) at the start of this latest reset.

Hey, if you need any help finding bugs, I’m back !!

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Welcome back! and, yes, that would be appreciated.

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Sorry to raise this once again but it’s now 2 weeks and it seems nothing has been done to pull in magar and VENELOCH (who are playing as a team) to play within the rules
They have used whatever loopholes to each own / control 24 companies (last check), of which 16 - 20 are open at any one time. (Fibonacci has used the same loophole to have many more companies than their bxp level would allow, but back to the main point)
They are using these companies to overwhelm the substantial USA drone market with 20 + retailers using company names like USA FULL and KEEP OFF and WAR MODE. This is bullying behaviour and should have no place in this game.
20 retailers need 20 manufacturers to keep up supply and they have those as well. With the unfair advantage they have gained magar enjoys a 100% rating, which hurts all other players in the game pushing their potential rating to below 50%. And now they are using their market power to try to hurt any potential competitors in the premium USA drone market.

I understand that admin resources are short, but these 2 should have been banned a month ago, when Phase first flagged their loophole exploitation. If not banned then at least formally warned. That would not take a lot of resources and nor would simply closing and removing half of their companies. Simple actions to send a strong message to all players.

I would be very happy to compete against and lose to better players, but not this.

EDIT - just now

  • VENELOCH started new business
  • VENELOCH started new business
    Make that 27 companies - 22 open. What a joke


This game is like life
Different Market , qualities, prices,
stategies , roads to different ends, tax loopholes, even lawyers.
Many tools are to be used
It is about using it to the fullest, it is to compete, to find different strategies, trial and error, etc

Even you can try to put players against each other
Or lobby administrators to go against players, specially all the ones that are ahead in the game.
It is a valid, but poor strategy, even, it is not a nice one.

At the end, it is the same game we are all playing,

There are more strategies you can try, for instance , some players live in countrie with many blackouts during game, internet for some players its intermitent.
Some players could lobby the administrator to stop the game, when they do not have power, internet or are just in a date.
You can even lobby goverment on some players countries, to have a power or internet blackouts in players houses, or even put some players in jail. Everithing is posible. Even not nice.

You can do a gofundme campaing to raise Gmoney,

At the end there will be many winners,
all people enjoying the game? Many players are.
All who make friends? Many players have made many friends all over the world.
And yes sometimes you have to team up, this game it is about teaming up, there is always a manufacturer and a retailer

Well, Like life there are Bill Gates, And Jeff Bezos, and there are Jhon Doe, you can learn from all of them, or you can angry at them.
You can have fun, or be bitter,
You can be happy, or sad,

Life is how you choose it. Choose right, have fun, enjoy



It seems we have to take more significant action in order to maintain fairness in the game. We will post more about this later today.

Investigation has led to a summary judgement … read it here:

You are the most active player in the game and I would be very happy to play against you / with you, within the rules. I concede you would probably beat me with the effort you put in.
No problem with finding bugs either but the game is in beta and the right thing to do is to report them and help admin to improve the coding.
I do enjoy the game and I’m neither bitter nor angry - just pointing out problems when they occur, with as much description as necessary to clarify the issue.

Thanks firey.

I am sorry you are not ahead in the game, you deserve it, I probably dont, i am a novice, this game it is not for novices, and you are a veteran in the game
but you still have a chance, good luck

I have been playing the same game we all have been playing, using only the buttons you play with, using their limitatations, and rules, i have not hacked the game, even have not any idea of the programing language used in the game.i have not been involved in the making of the game, nor the rules or limitations, i barely knew the game few days before de restart.

i did not receive free BXP, nor free cash, just made Gmoney selling cars, phiones and drones, (not even pills) and at times when venus shipping was open it was the bussiest shipping company, it had the best routes/prices, and was the preferred shipping company of the game. I made many propositions to many players aroiund the world, and believe made many friends,
i sent many direct mails to all players having pretty good acceptance among them.
When bank was open it handled most of banking transactions, even they did not made any money.
prices are a 2 wat street you manufacture (ship) and sell at good price you find buyers, you over price, you wont find buyers.
retailing is virtual, I believe we have understood some of of algorithms used and yes we have played them in our favor, yes, but we still dont know it all, we still need to learn

we have been the biggest shipping company users, we contacted most of shipping companys and made offerings and got good deals, today i believe we have paid more money shipping than the money i made shipping

i was first in drone bussines (no free bxp) I chose to manufacture since i was the only one, it paid out, when second player entered i sold all drones.
financing i was lucky to buy a huge portfolio of stocks now worth over a billion, never got a free stock

so i dont see any rules i played different than the rules you and all the players played with i did not hacked the game. But being in the leaderboard has been a mistake we have been a target for accusations of many kinds, game and personal. I believe this game should be played like a game, not beiing attacked as a person

We have been reporting all findings to game administrators, several times in public and private
we have bought a bank that loosed money at a time money was critical
we have been told to shut 7 companies I believe no one else has
we shut them
we have been playing between power blackouts and internet blackouts (even water blackouts) like only few other player do.
Even we live in a country government messes with your life, in ways you cant imagine,
We did not imagine you could lobby GV government that much
When i mentioned that you could lobby real government, it is true you can lobby it, with unknown consequences.

This is a game, I dont if i will be able to write or not, but it is a game that has keep my mind out of our real life problems, beleive we do have a lot.

please dont lobby our governmen, t we have in off dealing with them as is, we dont need any help making it worse.

anyhow this is a game I enjoyed it a lot, I dont know if will play again or not.
i have no regrets,
please keep enjoying the game , i will always remember all iof you with great simphaty in my heart



Master move, congrats
Even I believe lobbying is a part of the game, and even there are buttons for it. (and not nice when used against players)
it affected many competitors, first ones were wipped,
2 of the closest competitors ended without suppliers in drone bussiness, others were wating bxp to enter, have to redo strategies.
close competitors with shipping companies lost their biggests clients
3 billion worth of stock were wipped, most belonged to remaining closest competitors, and some smallers competitors.

to game administrators. Judging and trials should be improved, defense should be allowed,



Sorry I missed this earlier.
I do not appeal to admin as part of a game strategy - I have nothing left to prove in this game…

You are playing the victim well but you conveniently forget you were so far outside the game rules it was a joke. You don’t mention the excess profits gained from the transport company loophole… Surely when you were asked to close 7 companies for each account you were aware of the limit of 12 and yet somehow you went on to have 27 companies in each account at the time of your reset.
Not only that, you were using that unfairly gained power to try to bully control of a market - the naming of your companies said it all…
I repeat my statement that I would be very happy to have your energy in the game as a competitor and partner as long as it’s played within the rules. So when you find an exploit - report it and get it fixed rather than abuse it for game advantage. Perhaps next round when we can start on a clean slate??