Transport firms US have disappeared

Yesterday I was able to select multiple transport companies for shipping from US to US.

Today, only the goventureworld shipping is available to select. A big? Or did all transport companies disappear overnight?

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We are investigating this. Thank you for posting.

It would be great to know what the issue is, because I am interested in starting my own shipping company as well, but I need it to ship products to a customer and if I understood correctly I cannot serve any of my businesses. :frowning:

Shipping companies are being displayed.

Yep, Could just be that all transport business did run out of shipment credit at the same time and this was not a bug?
Was not sure so better safe than sorry.

On the subject of transport companies, It would be better if you can use your own company. If I now start th best and cheapest transporter in the world, this would mean that my product on open market is less interesting, because customers cannot use my transport company which is the cheapest. I therefore keep running factorys and retail only.